Vacation Bible School

The end of July is Vacation Bible School time at Maranatha Baptist Church! Each year we have hilarious skits, games, daily Bible lessons, energetic singing, a missionary story, and treats and prizes. We make our own skits, lessons, and themes each year so that the VBS experience is unique and always fresh.


VBS is so important to our church that nearly every member participates in the planning, promoting, or execution of this ministry. We are convinced of the value of this wonderful opportunity to reach children and parents with the good news of Jesus Christ and to give the children key foundational training in God's word. We have many well-educated and gift teachers as well as many helpers who are talented at helping the children have fun and making them laugh throughout the program.


Vacation Bible School is for children from the ages of kindergarten up through 6th grade. The 2016 Vacation Bible School is scheduled for July 18-20 and will have an Olympics theme. Each of the three nights will include opportunities for earning medals in athletic competitions. Wednesday evening at 8 PM will be a special feature for parents and will include several give-away prizes. Parents must be present on time for enjoying a great evening with the children.  If you've been to our Vacation Bible School program, you know how great it is and if you haven't we're sure you and your children will love it. Come join us this summer!