Caleb's Kin

Caleb was one of only two men able to enter the promised land at an older age because of faith in God. Joshua (the other man) and Caleb both believed that God was able to give the Israelites victory over the very strong inhabitants of the land of Canaan while the rest of their generation doubted and complained against God (Numbers 13-14). In response, God said that none of the men over twenty years of age would live to enter the promised land, except for Joshua and Caleb (Numbers 14:29-30). When Caleb entered the promised land he was eighty years old and yet he still fought to remove the enemies (Joshua 14-15).

At Maranatha we have taken the idea of Caleb being so old and yet strong to create a special group within our congregation. We have a number of senior saints that, though they are near or at the age of retirement, are very active. We have occasional activities throughout the year for this special group of church members.