Adult Sunday School

Each Sunday morning the adults are taught practical lessons from God's word. The Sunday School lessons are usually divided up by quarters. For several months Pastor Albright teaches all of the adults in the Church chapel. On occasion the Sunday School class is divided up into men and women. During those times the women are taught by Grace Albright, the Pastor's wife. At the present time, the adults meet together for a study about finding absolute truth in the Word of God. During this time, the adults are in groups of about eight people and they are being taught about the life of Christ. The small groups allows for a more informal setting with opportunities for group interaction and occasional refreshments as well. At other times during the year, Sunday School electives are offered. The electives give church members opportunities to choose what topic they are most interested and attend a class taught either by the Pastor or one of the deacons.

Sunday School is an extremely important part of Christian growth and a key way that we achieve the training of true disciples of Christ. The adults Sunday School classes meet from 9:30 AM - 10:15 AM each Sunday morning.